Pedestrian Crosswalk Zebra/Continental Design

Pedestrian Crosswalk Zebra/Continental Design


This Pedestrian Crosswalk Zebra/Continental Design CAD drawing offers a clean and concise graphical depiction that can be easily included in within your planning document. Available in both metric and imperial, this standardize drawing helps the user understand the key design features to consider when designing a safe pedestrian crosswalk. This drawing includes an array of information and every element has been considered making this drawing ready to be utilized ‘as is’ or easily edited to meet your specific design requirements.

All of our CAD drawings are in Cad version 2018, and are designed for ease of use and convenient insertion directly into your planning or policy document. Careful consideration has been made to make each drawing editable, so that you can easily adjust and customize any measurement, wording, or drawing aspect to fit your policy document.

Each individual purchase provides license for single use in any finished report/document by the purchaser.

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