Primer on Planning – ‘For Ontario, Canada’

Primer on Planning – ‘For Ontario, Canada’


As Part of our E-Learning Series, this educational Primer on Planning (For Ontario, Canada) is presented by Urban in Mind’s very own – Terrance Glover, CPT, RPP.

This educational video is geared to Professional (and Entry Level) Real Estate, Architecture, Engineers, Developers, Students, and all those who work in the planning/development field.

This video is created in two modules being approx. 2 hours each module (you will be provided a coupon code at check-out for Part Two Module), so that Part-Two Module can be watched at a different time (for the viewers convenience). The Two-Part video offers a beginner’s course on the basic understanding of the planning policies, process, and system in Ontario Canada. It also provides an understanding of issues, concerns, process, and responsibilities that may impact your proposed development. By broadening your basic understanding of the planning world, this video will help you can make informed decisions to navigate the complexities of planning policies and legislations.

All of our educational videos are designed to deepen your knowledge and help you understand the intent of the topic with more ease and confidence. Designed with your convenience in mind, all of our educational videos include a power point presentation (sent at time of purchase), so you can easily follow along as well as create your own hard-copy resource.

Careful considerations has been made to make the most of your learning experience. Each purchase provides the opportunity for a single use of the educational video by the purchaser thorough our on-line streaming services.

New and exciting educational videos will be added in an on-going basis, so be sure to check back….. Upcoming education videos include: 1) Infill Development & 2) CPTED Training, they should be available for viewing by May 2021.

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