The Water at the Bottom of the Wishing Well (Hard Copy Version)

The Water at the Bottom of the Wishing Well (Hard Copy Version)


Have you ever wondered where the magic of a wishing well comes from, where it goes, and what impacts it has on the larger world? This heartwarming and inspiring story helps explain that question as well as aspects of the natural water cycle in nature.

This story has been intentionally written using a few ‘higher-level language’ words then are normally provided to youngsters. This is so that caregiving readers can introduce more advanced vocabulary to children (subconsciously) as they read through the story, and perhaps discuss what specific words mean or how they are used. Through this natural give-and-take process of reading, children will be introduced to new words as well as their meaning, and will easily be able to understand the books meaning.

Please enjoy, after all, it was written for both the reader and the listener…

All of our educational series components are designed to deepen your knowledge and help you understand the topic with more ease and confidence.

Careful considerations have been made to make the most of your learning experience in an affordable and enjoyable way. This book, although written for children, helps expand the general view of our environment and water cycle.